Antonov An-74 is a twin-turbofan airplane designed to carry up to 10,0 tonnes of cargo at a cruising speed of up to 700 km/h at a cruising flight altitude of 10,100 m.

  The engines have low fuel consumption and high level of reliability. They meet ICAO requirements for aircraft engine emissions and noise. High engine arrangement practically precludes ingestion of foreign objects into engine air intakes at takeoff and landing even when operating on pebble airfields. Landing gear with low-pressure tires allows autonomous operation of the aircraft on both hard-surface runways and unpaved strips.

  The rear fuselage features a mechanized cargo door used for loading/unloading cargoes, wheeled vehicles, livestock cargo, …. Special ramp closing the cargo door serves as a stair for cargo loading and unloading. It can also be slid under the fuselage to allow free approach of trucks to the cargo cabin sill for direct loading from the truck body. The internal crane enables to load and move inside the cargo compartment pcs up to 2,500 kg.    

  The integrated navigation system, flight and communication equipment ensure aircraft operation on both the equipped and unequipped air routes, around the clock and in any season, under VFR and IFR weather conditions, flying the desired flight path in the automatic, flight-director or manual control mode.


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